Fuel Oil Mazut M40


Fuel Oil Mazut M40

Fuel oil M40 is less viscous in comparison with the brand 100, 10-15% diesel fractions are added into it, thus achieving more fluidness and reduction of setting point to 10°C. C100 sets at 25°C already and it is necessary to heat it continually during use and transportation. While M40 in favorable meteorological conditions can be safely transported and transshipped without additional heating. Optimal working temperature for M100 is approximately 60-70°C, that is up by 20 degrees than for M40.

If refer to flash  point, M40 has better result – 90°C, whereas M100 has flash point – 110°, and C200 – 140. Combustion heat of different types of fuel oil differs not greatly and is approximately 39-40,5 thous. kJ/kg. Sulfur content in fuel oil has little influence on its performance characteristics. Mechanical impurities are admitted in the range of 1%, if the quantity is greater, flammable characteristics will suffer.

Separately we will speak about humidity content. According to standard GOST water content in the fuel oil must not exceed 1%. Reduced fuel oil M40 has no high requirements to the storage conditions, but still in the result of long-term storing it can become over-saturated with moisture, soaking up condensate and humidity, and it cannot but influence its characteristics, flash point is increased and warmth released in the result of combustion is reduced, and, consequently, excess fuel flow takes place. That’s why any fuel oil after long-term storing is sold at the reduced price.

Reduced fuel oil M40 is referred to not very dangerous and hazardous chemical substances, it is assigned just 4 hazard class, but it does not mean one can neglect safety precautions during work and transportation of fuel oil.


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